The aim of the "International Journal of Business and Management Sciences" is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, practitioners, and policymakers to disseminate, share, and discuss high-quality research and advancements in the field of business and management. The journal is committed to fostering a deeper understanding of the multifaceted aspects of business and management in a global context and promoting innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices in the business world.

Scope of Journal

1. Research Excellence: IJBMS is committed to publishing cutting-edge research that enhances our understanding of various aspects of business and management. We welcome contributions that explore innovative theories, methodologies, and empirical findings, with a focus on their practical implications.

2. Interdisciplinary Approach: Our journal embraces an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging collaboration between business, management, and related disciplines such as economics, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. We believe that interdisciplinary research can yield fresh insights and drive holistic solutions.

3. Global Perspective: IJBMS is dedicated to promoting research that transcends geographical boundaries. We seek to publish work that addresses global business challenges and opportunities, fostering a cross-cultural and international perspective.

4. Relevance to Practice: We value research that has practical relevance and can be applied in real-world business settings. Manuscripts that bridge the gap between academic theory and industry practice are particularly encouraged.

5. Innovation and Creativity: IJBMS encourages creativity and originality. We appreciate research that pushes the boundaries of traditional business and management paradigms, paving the way for novel concepts, strategies, and solutions.

6. Rigorous Peer Review: All submissions undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest quality and integrity of published work. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of scholarly publication.

7. Knowledge Dissemination: IJBMS serves as a vital platform for knowledge dissemination. We aim to provide valuable insights, promote academic discourse, and support the professional development of researchers, educators, and practitioners in the field of business and management.

8. Open Access: As an open-access journal, IJBMS is dedicated to making research accessible to a global audience. We believe that open access fosters greater collaboration and knowledge sharing.

9. Ethical Standards: IJBMS adheres to the highest ethical standards and promotes responsible research conduct. We encourage authors to be transparent and accountable in their work.

10. Continuous Improvement: IJBMS is committed to continuous improvement. We welcome feedback from our community and are dedicated to evolving to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the business and management research landscape.